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Noah The Label - Extra Earrings



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A stunning oversized statement hoop, these bold hoop earrings frame the face beautifully with their generous size and radiate luxury. Lightweight and comfortable, they're perfect for any occasion, while the secure clasp ensures worry-free wear. Meticulously crafted with a flawless finish, they reflect light in all directions.

The Extra Earring measures to 3cm in width and 5.5. in diameter with a frisbee backing to ensure the earring is held on strongly.

18K Gold Vermeil Plating

Our gold pieces are made from a base of sterling silver, and are then 18K gold plated or coated in a thicker layer of 18K Gold Vermeil. This is followed by a protective anti-tarnish layer. This means it offers more durability and holds better strength. Look good and feel good with our 18K Gold Vermeil pieces.

Cubic Zirconia

Our Diamond pieces are created from Cubic Zirconia for brilliance and crystal clarity. It is a colourless, synthetic gemstone made of the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. This means it holds strength and is extremely durable. Attract all the attention at a fraction of the price.

Onyx Stones

Our coloured and onyx pieces are made from natural gemstones that are ethically and responsibly sourced.

Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver pieces are made from alloy. They are coated in a rich layer of sterling silver, and a protective layer to keep the silver always shining. Designed for everyday wear, our sterling silver pieces are the perfect way to blend daytime into night.

Imitated pearls

Our Pearl Collection is made with with imitated pearls.

Jewellery Care

Avoid putting the jewellery in salt water or any oil based substance for extended periods of time. Take off when sleeping, avoid harsh chemicals.

Noah The Label - Extra Earrings

Noah The Label - Extra Earrings